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Handcrafted and personalised branding, video and general design to truly reflect you & your business.


With almost a decade of design experience, I focus on tuning into your story. This helps me to create abstract concepts and ground them into a modern and simplistic design that works across the chosen mediums. 

I work with one-off and ongoing clients.

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creative guidance & oversight

video editing

print & digital

custom newsletter

image editing


courses & events creative oversight and design

bespoke event elements

pdf'd / presentations

Let's create
some magic

Ask me any questions regarding  collaborations, meditation, design etc :)

thanks, speak soon!


I offer intuitive downloadable journeys to help you find stillness and gently work through what is coming up for you.

They are created using natural tools such as meditation, conscious breath, sound and visualisations to guide you through a unique to you experience.

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